Need a Russian phone number?

A couple years ago I signed up with a local company here in Toronto, vbuzzer, to get myself a virtual local phone number.  It’s a local 416 number which rings on my computer, and if I’m not available goes to an online voice mail service.  The message is sent to my regular email account, attached as a simple sound file.  I found this especially useful when I was abroad in Russia, as I was able to keep my local Toronto phone number for the small fee of $2.50/month.

Now that I’m back in Toronto, I began to wonder: would it be possible to get a local phone number in Russia, with the same sort of voice mail service, or with over-the-internet call forwarding.  Lo and behold, such services exist.  The most affordable service that I came across is TelphinUSA.  For a small fee they will give you a number in the city of your choice (I chose St. Petersburg) and allow you to automatically forward the call to any number in North America.  The service worked.  The only problem I had was that every once in a while I would recieve calls by mistake.  Because of the time difference, these often came in the middle of the night.  Therefore I would recommend using a local number that can go directly to voicemail, such as a vbuzzer number.


September 29, 2008. Web tools.

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