Harvard University Refugee Interview Project

I learned today that this famous project has been fully digitized and most of the interviews as well as reference guides to the collection are available online.   Carried out from 1950-1951, it consists of “329 general ‘sociological’ interviews on the subjects’ life histories, which were known as Schedule A, and 435 topical ‘anthropological’ interviews with more focused lines of questioning, known as Schedule B,” as well as thousands of written questionnaires.   Although I could not find precise information, it seems as if most of the interview materials were included in the project.  More about the project can be found in the Summer 2008 issue of the Davis Center newsletter.


April 13, 2009. Archives, Primary Sources, Research, Stalin Era, Students, Teaching.


  1. Ben Zajicek replied:

    This is really a great resource. It’s worth noting that the transcripts are all in English, and that the pages that you see are scans of the actual type-script. The full text is searchable in English. This makes it potentially very useful for, say, senior history majors who want to do a thesis on Russia but don’t have Russian language skills.

  2. auriberg replied:

    I came across David Brandenberger’s background guide to the Harvard Project here: http://hcl.harvard.edu/collections/hpsss/working_with_hpsss.pdf

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