Russian language dissertations

While in Russia, I worked in the dissertation department of the Russian National Library (at Khimki) – and I learned that they have developed a program to provide digital versions of most new Russian dissertations in so-called “virtual libraries.”   Khimki has one such “virtual reading room,” which is made up of computers that have access to their database of dissertations with links to full-text versions (They also have hard copies available there).

Is it possible to access the dissertation database from other sites or via the web?  According to their website, called the Electronnaia Biblioteka Dissertatsii, there are designated libraries throughout Russia and in a number of former Soviet republics region that also have similar virtual libraries.   I’m hoping to find out whether any large western institutions have sought access.   Their website does provide a search option for dissertations submitted since 2004.  I experimented with it a little and did not come up with as many dissertations as I found using the electronic system at Khimki in Moscow, which included dissertations since 2000, I think.  There was only one hit for Архангельск, for instance, while in Moscow I found many more.  According to the dissertation resources page on the Robarts Library website, the full text of these dissertations used to be available.

The Robarts page also suggests a second site, the electronic catalogue of dissertations.  It has a very basic search function, but comes up with far more hits.  I searched for архангельск and came up with 90 hits, and added the word России just as a test and came up with 6.  Very little information is provided though up front about the hits.  In order to get the complete results, the website requires you to submit an online request.  The results though seem to come  immediately, by email.


April 13, 2009. Dissertations, Research. 2 comments.