Terry Martin’s primary source guide

Prof. Terry Martin has put together a collection of bibliographies of Russia/USSR related English-language primary sources , and he has generously made them available online on his web space at Harvard University.

Topics include: Document collections, writings of party leaders, biographies, foreign diplomatic sources, travelers’ accounts, and soviet publications.  When appropriate, the lists are divided between materials available at Harvard and those available elsewhere.  There is a link to a couple other general bibliographies, and it seems as if more bibliographies and links may be added in the future.  One thing that might be added to the site is a list of English subtitled Russian/Soviet films.

The site is intended specifically for serious students, but it should be useful for researchers as well.


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Finding Tables of Contents for Russian Journals

While reviewing Russian historical journals, I came across a website that provides the table of contents for quite a few of them in text format.

It’s http://www.infomag.ru/journals/

It has Voprosy Istorii, Izvestiia RAN, Istoricheskii Arkhiv, Отечественная История and others.  It covers the journals from about 1998 to at least 2008.  I don’t recall finding online table of contents for Istochnik.

Some western journals have tables of contents on their own websites, including Cahiers du monde Russe, Jahrbücher für Geschichte Osteuropas, etc.

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